Many-times Humanity Angel

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Online Counter of the Human Death - counting only those, who are already was able to Save its full MASTER-CODE™ for Rebirth in the Future, but did not do it, may be spending money on a new iphone - icone - ijone - igon - ibon - etc.
Perhaps, that is the one of the most terrible online events of the entire consumer civilization ...

We urge the most intelligent - come to your senses!

Still have time! But it is much less than you think ...

Help yourself and your family to do the main thing - to collect and preserve yours unique natural DNA-carrier .
If you have not money on this - Please, You Can Use for collection, storage and stabilization your NKF (Natural Keratin Fibers) absolutly any bubbles with purified glycerin and leave them in the family in the end of your first life - this will be 1000 times better than doing nothing and die completely and forever, as people die in this online counter ...
You can Use and our technology from $29.99US for WE REMAIN set with NAILSCOLLECTOR™-HAIRCOLLECTOR™-COSMOCODE™ stabiliser ... but, plus very expensive UPS Courier to home delivery in the first years... With this technology we worked more than 15 years - alone mastering the subject, which was closed for the people by our ancestors, who give us only its good, but not practical and pragmatic Fantasy ...
Will advent the Saveism Era - The New Pig & Ape Hybrids Era, with - legitimate and natural to Progress - The Reciprocating Life © of each representative of the Many-times Humanity © !
Do not miss your chance for eternal life!
Only one chance in life!
Only the one who will use it - he would participate in a future projects of mankind and would start to live forever, live as all of the following generations of intelligent people! BE BLESED LIFE™!

... have died since May 8, 2013:

Among them... the... Americans ...












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You and your family can avoid get into this counter ... ...if you have time !

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If, someday, you want to help us to stop this counter - you can buy it in the and post it on your site or blog (dcr.html + dcr.css +1 .css & 1 .jz files in one *.zip).
The more counters spread across the network - the more likely something that will change something in the lives of each of us.
Accommodation this d'counter on your personal pages in social networks - your first step to choosing in favor of the Many-times Humanity.
Make your choice and you will get in exhcange the real eternal life.
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